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Affiliate Links

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are links to websites that if you click them and make a purchase the website knows who sent you there. The referrer, in this case us here at Alpaca The Books, get a small commission for each sale that results from sending someone their way. This doesn’t increase the price for you, the reader, but helps us maintain Alpaca The Books and keep bringing you more of the content you hopefully love.

When we review books or write travel pieces we will usually use affiliate links where possible – if you’re not comfortable using these links for whatever reason then feel free to navigate to the website yourself and complete the purchase, as long as you’re reading and exploring the world that’s the main thing!

If you’d love to support Alpaca The Books we have compiled the main affiliate links we use below, feel free to click them and know we are thankful for every purchase you make 🙂

Airbnb –

Siteground –

Amazon UK –

Book Depository –



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