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I’m finally in Melbourne and I’ve loved exploring the city. I’m not usually one for big cities, I like small, chilled out places with as little crowds as possible. But the art, diversity and coffee (especially the coffee) is quite nice. I still prefer Wellington, it’s going to take a lot for that place to be knocked off the top spot. But when I want to grasp a feel for the city, I head to the library.

So after a tiny bit of research, I found that Melbourne City library has a “Short-term Membership” that is designed for travellers. It doesn’t require a permanent address to take out books – so it’s perfect if you’re on the move and only staying in Melbourne for a week, for example.Β  Without an address, it’s classed as an “unverified” membership and allows you to take up to two books out at a time. (With an address, that goes up to 50).

You can learn all about this on their website – here.

For backpackers, having FREE access to the internet, maps, reading material, movies, e-audiobooks, ebooks etc is so important for that tight budget of both time and money. Also, I adore reading physical books and I’m still in a love-hate relationship with my Kindle (I have my boyfriend’s old one, which I appreciate very much), but I do really miss reading an actual book. I’m constantly being torn between wanting to buy a physical book and not having the space to own it and take it with me on the road. (Ignoring the fact books are super expensive in New Zealand and Australia, I’ve definitely been spoiled in England). And being a member of the library does resolve this, albeit temporarily until we move on.

Naturally, once I had my personalised, printed card (when I was a Library Assistant in England, library goers had to endure my horrible handwriting on their cards) I headed straight for the children’s section. I snagged Pages and Co by Anna James and reserved Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend. These two beautiful books are both on my list of Middle- Grade books I can’t wait to read – here.Β 

Wundersmith is also the second in a series by Jessica Townsend – if you want to know what I thought of the first one, Nevermoor, you can read all about it here.

I love that Melbourne City Libraries has this opportunity for travellers to use their wonderful service.

I just hope that other cities that I eventually visit in Australia have this too, for now I’m off to read Pages and Co!



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