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The cold bites and the sea lashes in this page-turning adventure on the ice seas. No one but ten-year-old Siri dares to face treacherous sailors, hungry wolves and the arctic winter to save her younger sister from the dreaded Captain Whitehead and his ice sea pirates.

A chapter book for children ages 7 to 10.

So, this book entered my life when a very shy boy walked into my library and asked me to order him a book. He had an extremely small newspaper clipping. I saw a tiny image of a beautiful front cover and began my search.

I checked our library system – Nothing. I checked our interlibrary loan system – Nothing.

In a last-ditch attempt not to disappoint the boy I filled out a request form to our stock team to buy it. I didn’t have much faith as it’s from an independent, foreign publisher and a relatively unknown children’s author, even Amazon didn’t have that much info. But by some luck they ordered it!

I promised the boy that once Ice Sea Pirates comes I would read it too, as it looked like it would be a wonderful story.

He loved it – and so did I.

The Ice Sea Pirates is about an older sister’s duty to her sibling, her adventure into the unknown to save her, and to bring her home.Β  A strong theme in the book is the difference between animals and humans, and how people treat them.

Siri learns so much on her journey across the Ice Sea, her knowledge and experiences accumulate, allowing her to grow as a person and use the things she has learned later on in the story. She questions everything she sees – Why do people put animals (and even children?!) to work and in horrible conditions? How should people treat mermaids, half animal, half human? Why don’t people feel bad about these things like she does?

Siri’s character was so well established and I truly think any child would find her relatable and admirable. Throughout the story, she never loses who she is and what she believes in. She knows violence is never the best solution, that cruelty to animals (or humans) is always wrong and you really should try to understand the reasons behind someone’s actions before judging them. She still gets scared, of wolves, of pirates, of being lost and alone but she grows and perseveres and tries to help everyone and everything she meets.

I loved this story. Even though this book was shown to me by a nervousΒ 8-year-old, I can’t believe this book isn’t everywhere, because it should be. It offers such a good, subtle lesson for children. They should all meet Siri, read all about her bravery, her caring spirit, and perseverance.

It’s quite a long story compared to other children’s books (361 pages, small-ish type), so I can understand why some younger readers would be reluctant – but believe me, it’s so worth it! (Also the cover is beautiful!)

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